I. Our Team’s Individual Predictions (Of Our Future)

The first stages of our team’s kingdom was brainstorming each of our own predictions of the future of the human race. My approach was on the accessories of total records of our lives, and how the future generations will not only be raised by us, but also raised by the memories of us gathered from photos and social media posts. Because one thing the next generation will have the luxury over the previous (among other things) is that they will have a MUCH greater access to our past.

What is the fictions we tell ourselves? We presume we know the world at our age, while we presume that our misunderstandings of the world is attributed to our age. We are mature enough to know the world, and mature enough to know that we don’t know the world. It’s an enriching yet heavy time because that acceptance that we know nothing still, gives us a unique opportunity to experience and accept all that is new, like complex sponges with poor sleeping habits.

It also poses a curse, the early stages of a sickness that plagues youthfulness: the knowing. The…

William Falstrup

Media artist that likes to play with making things

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